Students prepared to shut down University of Guyana in support of staff

university-of-guyana-libraryGEORGETOWN, Guyana, Tuesday February 3, 2015, CMC – Lecturers at the University of Guyana (UG) are to continue their industrial action for increased salaries as students Monday said they were prepared to close down the institution in support of the staff.

President of the University of Guyana Senior Staff Association (UGSSA), Melissa Ifill said he had been informed by the students that they are planning to shut the campus.

“So they might actually preempt us,” Ifill said, adding that UGSSA was prepared to join the students.

The UGSSA president said that the university would be informed that the sit-in strike continues and that workers would join with students in closing the campus from Tuesday.

“I hope that we all stand together and that we stand in solidarity with each other. I think if we stand in solidarity with each other the likelihood of us getting what we want or close to what we want as quickly as possible is greater than if we are fragmented and some people are on the job and the work is being done notwithstanding some people being off,” she said.

The UG has appealed to staff members to end their industrial action. The workers are demanding a 60 per cent salary increase, but the University has said it could only increase salaries if government increases its subvention, decrease part-time expenditure by 50 per cent, reduce programme offerings with low enrolment and maintain an increase in tuition fees.

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