Switch To A Digital Wallet And Ditch All These Things!

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Wednesday February 21, 2018 – When you carry your cash with you in a digital wallet, you can make your purse, wallet, handbag and pocket much lighter. How come? Because here are the things you WON’T be needing in future:

  • Goodbye to lots of cash. Forget the grimy and greasy notes, the tattered paper, the wondering “where did that ten dollar bill go?” With a digital wallet, you never have to worry about those again; your money is all right there, safely on your phone when you need it.
  • Farewell to worry about stolen money. With the mMoney Wallet, your money is password protected, so thieves can’t steal it from you. Even if you lose your phone, your money is safe. And by the way, since you only need to put in as much money as you need into your wallet, that’s another form of security (and you can add to it as often as you like).
  • You won’t need your battered old wallet. When there’s no need for paper cash, there’s no need for anything to carry it around in. Bye-bye, beat-up wallet.
  • Drop the heavy coins and change. Your “change” is safely contained – penny for penny – in your digital wallet on your smartphone. Carrying around heavy coins becomes a thing of the past. So you won’t need to be scrabbling for that last 5-cent-piece either; just tap the actual amount into your phone, scan to pay and go.
  • Leave your ATM card at home. With your mMoney digital wallet, all your transactions are everywhere, instant –and the best part? No transaction fee for the user!
  • No collection of receipts and payment slips. If you’re like me, you accumulate these little pieces of paper but invariably lose the one you really wanted, just when you need it. With a digital wallet, your smartphone contains a complete record of everything you spend, and each receipt is emailed after every purchase .

So if you’d like a lighter load to carry, along with a complete and accurate record, just switch and ditch.

Switch to an mMoney digital wallet and ditch all the unnecessary load!

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