Teacher charged with sending sexual content to students

New York, United States, October 28, 2007 – A New York-based, Trinidad-born teacher has been charged with sending sexual videos and electronic messages to three of his 12-year-old female students, the Queens District Attorney’s Office has revealed.

Umesh Ramjattan, 22, of 91-71 115th Street in Richmond Hill, Queens was arrested late last week on charges of disseminating indecent material to minors in the first degree and endangering the welfare of a child.

He faces arraignment at a Queens Court but according to the DA’s Office, Ramjattan has already admitted in statements to police to having inappropriate instant message conversations with the three young victims and sending the video and images of himself after school hours.

According to the charges, Ramjattan, a first-year teacher at MS 137 in Ozone Park, was sent an e-mail on September 29, 2007 by a female seventh-grade about homework. Soon thereafter, it is alleged that Ramjattan began instant messaging the girl from the screen name mrramjattan1@aol.com with questions that were allegedly sexually suggestive and of a personal nature.

Prosecutors claim that on October 3, 2007, Ramjattan allegedly sent the student a video of him and his girlfriend having sex. It is further alleged that a second female student who e-mailed the defendant about her homework began receiving instant messages from him through his AOL account on September 29, 2007, that contained questions of a personal nature.

Sometime in early October, the student allegedly received a picture of the defendant wearing no shirt. Finally, it is alleged that a third female student who e-mailed the defendant for help with her homework began receiving instant messages from the defendant through his AOL account that were also sexual in nature.

District Attorney Brown said that an investigation began when the parents of one of the students notified school authorities that Ramjattan had e-mailed a sexual video to their daughter and the school, in turn, notified the police.

“This case should serve as a clear and unmistakable warning that law enforcement is prepared to apprehend and prosecute sexual predators who betray and defile youngsters,” commented DA Richard Brown.

If convicted, Ramjattan faces up to seven years in prison. He has been reassigned by the Department of Education pending the outcome of his case. (Hardbeatnews.com)