The Caribbean in 2007 – Moments in Time

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, January 1, 2008 – Weather and natural disasters dominated stories written and published in 2007.

Using web statistics of how often each story was read, Caribbean360 has compiled the top seven stories for last year. However, an anomaly was that the single most-read story was not written in 2007 but in 2006 and it continued to be the most-read story month after month in 2007 right up to December 31, 2007 – with the exception of June.

The top stories have also been compiled on a monthly basis showing the five most-read and then the Editor’s Pick of other major stories covered in each month.

“Real time web counting of visitors, where they come from and what they are looking for, helps us to define the stories which we cover each week in order to bring to our readers well-targeted information,” said publisher Chris Hoyos.

“At the same time, we also try to bring a balance with other stories that the business section of our audience appreciates.”

“We hope you enjoy the jogging of the memory, reading these ‘Moments in Time’ as much as we enjoyed bringing them to you this past year,” he added.

The most-read article running 13-months straight:

This was written and published on December 13, 2006 about the beheading of a young woman in a bus terminal at rush hour in the Vincentian capital city of Kingstown. The two articles for this story were:

Top seven stories written and published in 2007:

#1: Hurricane Dean – stories in order of popularity were:

#2: Building collapse in Barbados

#3: Strong earthquake in Eastern Caribbean – stories in order of popularity were:

#4: Tornado-like storm

#5: Tropical Storm Noel

#6: Death of Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer

#7: Anna Nicole saga in The Bahamas – stories in order of popularity were:


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