Top Jamaica Cop Beats Murder Rap

Hardbeatnews, KINGSTON, Jamaica, Weds. Dec. 20, 2005: Top Jamaican cop, Reneto Adams, along with two other police officers that human rights groups and a UN special rapporteur had accused of carrying out extra-judicial executions, were declared yesterday innocent by a 12-member jury.

Adams and corporals Shane Lyons and Patrick Coke of the Crime Management Unit had faced charges that they gunned down Angela Richards, Lewena Thompson, Kirk Gordon and Matthew James during a raid in the town of Crawle in Clarendon in May 2003.
Three other cops who made up the infamous ‘Crawle Six,’ constables Devon Bernard, Roderick Collier and Lenford Gordon, were freed nine days ago.

Adams, a senior superintendent, had maintained his innocence throughout the investigation, saying he and his men only opened fire when they came under fire. Yesterday he called the verdict, which came after 8-weeks, the “mother of all acquittals.” But he wasted no time despite his 8-week trial, directing tough comments at criminals across the island.

“My men and I will continue where we left off and that is in protection of the Jamaican people against criminal elements. The only difference now is our resolve will be multiplied tenfold,” the Jamaica Observer quoted him as saying. “Those of you who have returned from England, Canada, the United States or the Caribbean… or from everywhere since we have left the streets… talking about they have returned to take over the streets, I am imploring them, beseeching them to return from whence they came because so as it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end.”

Police Chief, Lucius Thomas Adams, however, insists the six will have to undergo long periods of counseling and psychological evaluation before they are allowed back on the force. –