Trinidad Centre of Excellence not for sale says Warner


Austin ‘Jack’ Warner

PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad, Thursday April 17, 2014, CMC – Former Vice president of FIFA Jack Warner has dismissed media reports suggesting that he is seeking a purchaser for the Centre of Excellence on the international market.

Warner, also a former President of CONCACAF, was reacting to newspaper reports suggesting he was planning to sell the property.

His comments, in a statement released Wednesday, stem as well from a legal tussle with football’s hemispheric body over the facility which comprises a Stadium and a swimming pool.

“The truth is, if anyone can come forward with an iota of evidence to support that the Centre of Excellence is being sold by Jack Warner to any consortium of businessmen, local or foreign, I will sell all my worldly possessions to that person for one dollar,” said Warner a former government minister and current member of Parliament for Chaguanas West.

CONCACAF has filed three documents in the Trinidad and Tobago High Court challenging Warner’s rights to ownership of the Centre.

Warner has claimed the land on which the Centre of Excellence stands was a gift from former FIFA president Joao Havelange.

CONCACAF however had always contended that Warner deceived the body into believing it owned the property, a basis it said it used to invest US 16 million dollars towards the purchase of the property and construction of the Centre of Excellence.

“If CONCACAF indeed has filed a caveat against me all I can say is that both CONCACAF and FIFA have unlimited funding and they can spend their money as they wish if they want to do that” said Warner.

“Let me also state that CONCACAF does not have any equitable interest in the Centre of Excellence and has no claims to ownership. I also wish to state that the Centre of Excellence is not in financial trouble”.  Click here to receive free news bulletins via email from Caribbean360. (View sample)