Trinidad Murder Rate Reaches 384

Hardbeatnews, PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad, Fri. Dec. 30, 2005: The oil rich nation of Trinidad & Tobago saw its murder rate climb again yesterday with the fatal shooting of a Henry Street businessman.

Dead is Ryan “Kachar” Dassrath, 35, of Gangar Terrace in Barataria and owner of the Sneaker Zone on Henry Street, according to the Trinidad Express newspaper. Dassrath’s death took the murder toll for T&T to a whopping 384 for the year.

Police reports claim that Dassrath was standing outside his store yesterday afternoon when he was shot dead with a single bullet from a passing car.

Robbery has been ruled out after cops recovered $3,000 and a loaded pistol in his back pocket, according to the Express, which claims the murder may have been premeditated and a payback for the killing of another businessman who had gotten into an argument with Dassrath and was subsequently shot dead Saturday night.

The latest murder to rock the twin-island comes as the sorrowful family of Grenada university student, Mark Rattan, laid him to rest yesterday. Rattan’s father, Dr. Dipchand Rattan, remembered his son as “a hero.”

Rattan, 18, was shot dead by assailants on in what many believe to have been a kidnapping attempt gone badly as the teen fought back. He was studying medicine at St. George’s University in Grenada. Students there have expressed shock at the senseless killing.

The killings this week come as government unveiled it’s latest crime fighting tool on Wednesday – a skyship – which they claim will be better able to survey the country using technology and boost the resources of the struggling police force. –