Trinidad police continue manhunt for fugitive following disappearance of family

trinidad-police-740PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad, Wednesday November 12, 2014, CMC – Trinidad and Police were searching for a man in the disappearance of a family of four people after the body of a woman was found on Tuesday.

The law enforcement authorities said they were searching for Azmon Alexander, alias “Pappi” and “Apalon”, whom they described as “a person of interest” and a known fugitive in the case of the family missing for the past 14 days.

The police said they were urging the public to assist them in the safe return of the remaining family members of the family.

The body of the woman was found less than three days after the bodies of an adult man and baby were found off the Paria Main Road in Brasso Seco, in south Trinidad.

A senior police investigator said on radio Wednesday that the police should consider providing a “bounty” on the head of the wanted man in a bid to help solve the case.

Police said that the male adult was found wrapped in a blanket with a baby on Saturday, off a precipice. A post mortem found that he died as a result of asphyxiation.

Media reports Wednesday said that based on the results of the post-mortem on the adult, the man was strangled, most probably with the bandanna which was found around his neck. The results were undetermined for the body of the young child who was found.

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) samples were also secured from both bodies and are expected to be sent for testing to confirm their identities.

Relatives of the missing family of four believe the badly decomposing bodies of the man and baby are that of 51-year-old Felix Martinez and one-year-old Shania Amoroso.

The relative said that while the advanced stage of decomposition prevented the family recognising either of the two from facial features alone, the articles of clo­thing which both bodies bore were recognisable by the relatives who viewed the bodies.

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