UN Peacekeeping Mission Vows “Robust” Stance Against Crime

Hardbeatnews, NEW YORK, N.Y., Tues. July 26, 2005: Officials of the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti yesterday announced it has taken a robust posture to disrupt the activities of armed gangs and bring the alleged criminals to justice.

The move, said officials in a statement, is necessary, “in order to create a secure and stable environment within which the constitutional and political process can take place … .”

But MINUSTAH also apologized for any civilian casualties that may have occurred recently and pledged to investigate any serious allegations of the use of unnecessary force.

It added that MINUSTAH had received unconfirmed information from the Haitian National Police and other sources that gangs were seen killing civilians following the operation and subsequently “attributed these atrocious acts to MINUSTAH.”

“In any and all circumstances the United Nations condemns the killing of civilians in the strongest terms,” the statement declared. “MINUSTAH will investigate any serious allegation of the use of unnecessary force on its part, as well as of the killings allegedly perpetrated by gangs following its operation.”

The security situation in parts of Port-au-Prince remains very tense. For the past few months, different armed gangs have terrorized the population and disrupted the economic activity of the city. Kidnappings – on a large scale – have also become a daily plague targeting all classes. – Hardbeatnews.com