Uruguay’s former foreign minister elected next OAS secretary general


Uruguay’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs Luis Almagro (Credit: YouTube)

WASHINGTON D.C., United States, Thursday March 19, 2015, CMC – Uruguay’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs Luis Almagro, has been elected to be the secretary general for the next five years.

He was elected on Wednesday during the 49th Special General Assembly at the OAS headquarters here.

Almagro said he would work to ensure that the organization is guided by the interests of the billion people who inhabit the Americas, with pragmatism, and the search for unity and solidarity as the pillars of his administration, according to the OAS.

“Beginning on May 26, as Secretary General of the OAS, my efforts will be focused on making the organization a useful tool in the interests of all the peoples of the Americas, wherever they are from,” he said.

The former Uruguayan foreign minister received broad support from the member-countries that participated in the Special General Assembly, which cast 33 votes in favor and one abstention. He will succeed the current Secretary General, José Miguel Insulza.

Almagro made clear his commitment to the realignment of the objectives of the OAS, stating that his intention is to continue positioning the OAS to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

“It is our turn give a boost of realism to the OAS and to do everything in the best way possible, in the areas that nobody can articulate better than this Organization: a political dialogue with tangible results in key areas of democracy, human rights, security and the integral development of the Americas,” he said.

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