US Coast Guard searching for missing Haitian migrants after boat sinks

MIAMI, United States, Friday January 31, 2014, CMC – Rescue teams were searching for Haitian immigrants after a boat carrying a number of them sank off the coast of Florida on Thursday.

“The search is still on. We’re still looking for survivors,” US Coast Guard Petty Officer Mark Barney said.

The Coast Guard said about 20 Haitian migrants had attempted to swim to shore after their boat sank.

Police said one migrant had been found without a life vest and later died after being plucked from the ocean.

Eight others, including four women, had been arrested when they reached the Fort Lauderdale beach north of Miami.

Fort Lauderdale Police spokeswoman DeAnna Greenlaw said officers rescued three people from the water and that at least 20 people were on the rickety boat.

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