US Marshals to Travel on Flights to This Caribbean Island

Steward and passengers on commercial airplane.

Air marshals will be on some flights, but the TSA isn’t saying which ones.


WASHINGTON, United States, Thursday August 11, 2016 – If you happen to be on one of the commercial flights between the United States and Cuba which begin at month end, you could very well be sitting next to a US air marshal.

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced in a statement that the marshals will board flights under an aviation security agreement reached between the countries. It said the agreement “will strengthen both parties’ aviation security efforts”.

The TSA added that it will continue to work with Cuba to expand air marshal presence on flights and to enhance security.

But, as expected, it’s keeping other details under wraps.

“For security reasons, we will not divulge which flights the air marshals will be aboard,” the TSA said.

After a more than 50-year hiatus, regularly scheduled service to Cuba is scheduled to resume on August 31, with JetBlue flying from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport to Santa Clara, Cuba.

The US Department of Transportation has also tentatively selected eight US carriers to fly a total of 20 flights per day between the US and Havana. Those flights are expected to begin in the fall or early next year.

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