US organization accuses Barbados police of covering up "apparent murder"

NEW YORK, USA, Friday October 26, 2012 – The Barbados Police Force has been accused of covering up “the apparent murder” of a Barbadian national of Guyanese and Barbadian parentage.

The accusation comes from the New York-based Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) which says that Clinton Norton died “under suspicious circumstances” on September 3 this year.

CGID president Rickford Burke reportedly wrote to Barbados Prime Minister Freundel Stuart last week, requesting an “independent and fair review” of the police investigation of Norton’s death “so as to ensure justice for the family”.

Burke is reported to have said that the Barbados police have “misled the public about the facts of the case and, therefore, his organization felt constrained to release further information to support its contention of a possible police cover-up”.

The New York-based organization has released several photographs of Norton’s body, which it claims “bore marks of violence, including what appear to be burns, lacerations and bruises”.

It contended that the photographs establish that Norton was “either beaten or tortured to death as the wounds could not have been self-inflected”.

The organization said the cause of death “as declared by Barbados government pathologist Dr Corinthia Dupuis, is registered as indeterminate”.

CGID further said that independent pathologist Dr Michael Brown, who witnessed the autopsy, “revealed that there was blood in Norton’s lungs and sand in his nostrils and mouth”.

Burke said that these findings “invalidate the police’s theory that Norton cut himself while attempting to commit burglary and bled to death”.

He said Norton’s body was found inside a Liquidation Centre and that the police “claimed that Norton, who had a prior run-in with them, broke into the building, cut himself in the process and bled to death.

“But a coroner, Magistrate Manila Renee, has ordered an inquest into this suspicious death,” he added.

“The government of Barbados needs to determine if this is a case of Jack-the-ripper investigating Charles Manson for murder.

“Serious questions arise when witnesses allege that an investigator in a potential murder investigation was last seen with the deceased. This is why we are demanding answers from the Barbados Police Force,” he added.

Burke said Barbados authorities have not yet set a date for an inquest, and stated that “relatives fear Norton’s death will be swept under the rug”.  Click here to receive free news bulletins via email from Caribbean360. (View sample)