Volunteers bring US$5 million in medical care for Jamaicans

MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica, April 29, 2008 – Some US$5 million worth of medical equipment, supplies and health care will be delivered free of charge to Jamaicans from today by 80 medical volunteers from the San Diego-based Miles Ahead organisation who arrived in the island last weekend.

The medical team of specialist doctors, pediatricians, surgeons and dentists will donate their services to local communities, in close collaboration with Jamaica’s Ministry of Health, at four mobile clinics as 200 more volunteers, in conjunction with local churches and community organisations, conduct sports clinics, deaf education workshops, school assemblies and rebuild local elementary schools.     

The American medical volunteers will set up four clinics from today through Thursday, staffed with physicians, nurses, counselors and other support staff.

The medical team said the clinics are stocked with state-of-the-art equipment and supplies. They will deliver dental care and equipment, pharmaceuticals, eye glasses, orthopedics, and general health care. A unique feature of the outreach is the team’s mobile pathology laboratory, which can test a tissue sample for cancer and return results in 24 hours.  

“We’re excited to join with our local partners to serve anyone who needs medical attention. We believe God is the Great Physician, and we love being used by Him to heal,” said Sean Burgess, the project’s medical director.

Miles Ahead is an outreach organisation founded in 1992 by Pastor Miles McPherson, a former NFL professional football player who has family ties to the island.  

The organisation said it has plans for additional outreach activities throughout the Caribbean region.