Woman arrested for helping Jamaican in lottery scam

woman in handcuffs

NORTH DAKOTA, United States, Friday June 19, 2015 – A woman federal authorities believe helped Jamaican Sanjay Williams in a multi million-dollar lottery scam has been arrested.

Melinda Bulgin has been charged with mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering and telemarketing fraud.

It is alleged the Bulgin received money on behalf of Williams, who was convicted last month of conspiracy to commit wire fraud or mail fraud, conspiracy to commit international money laundering and 45 counts of wire fraud.

Williams provided Jamaican lottery fraud scammers with the names, telephone numbers and personal information of potential victims. His co-conspirators then contacted victims by telephone or mail and told them they had won a large sweepstakes prize, but would have to send money to pay taxes, fees, insurance, etc.

sanjay williams

Sanjay Williams was convicted last month and is awaiting sentencing.


According to a Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) affidavit, some of the victims were instructed to send cheques to Bulgin.

Williams and his accomplices targeted elderly people in the scam, tricking more than 70 of them out of over $5 million.

He faces up to 40 years in prison and millions of dollars in fines, restitution and criminal forfeiture. His sentencing hearing is set for August 6.

Prior to Williams’ trial, 11 indicted defendants from Jamaica and the United States were arrested and pleaded guilty in this case and 14 indicted defendants are awaiting arrest and extradition from Jamaica. Three additional co-conspirators were charged in a separate indictment.

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