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BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Wednesday January 27, 2016 – For many years I rolled out of bed at the last possible minute, scrambled to throw on some clothes for work, and shoved something in my mouth before running out the door. Inevitably, every morning I would feel stressed, frazzled and simply out of it. If I started my day this way, you could only imagine how the rest of it would go.

Successful people have many habits in common; one of which is a powerful morning routine. Why? Because how you start your day is usually an indicator of how the remainder of the day will go. If you want to live a powerful life, start with a powerful morning. Here are a few ways to make your mornings, and subsequently your days, meaningful.

#1 Wake up early

Don’t press snooze ten times and wake up when you absolutely have to. Wake up early so you have time in the morning to focus on yourself and your goals before working on anything else. I wake up by 5am most mornings. Depending on your schedule, see what works for you. I recommend waking up 2 hours prior to having to get ready for your day.

If waking up is a challenge for you, start by waking up 15 minutes earlier than usual. Do this progressively until you become accustomed to early mornings.

#2 Show gratitude

One of the first things I do every morning is write down what I’m grateful for. Practicing gratitude moves you from a state of scarcity to a state of abundance. It reverses your outlook on life. Make time each morning to acknowledge what you’re grateful for – no matter how small or big. Starting your day with a mindset of abundance lowers stress and anxiety.

#3 Meditate

From Steve Jobs to Oprah Winfrey, many successful people have noted that meditation is an essential part of their morning routine. We live in a world where we are bombarded with messages, tasks, sales pitches and an overload of information to process.

Meditation allows you to create a space of peace and learn the power of being present. Habitual practice of meditation reduces anxiety and stress, allowing you to be more creative and clear in your actions. Start with just five minutes of sitting in silence. Focus on your breath and let everything fade away.

#4 Exercise

Moving your body in the morning not only gets your blood flowing but it’s a natural high. I love to go for a run in the morning. Not only is it good for my body, it gives me space to break away before the craziness of the day rushes in. Find what works for you; yoga, walking, a spin class, or anything else to get your heart pumping.

#5 Review your goals

A large part of setting and achieving goals is keeping them top of mind. Many successful people practice visualization each morning. They visualize themselves achieving that goal. If that seems too far-fetched for you, start by simply reviewing what your goals. Grooming your mind for success is essential for goal achievement.

#6 Identify your daily priorities

What three actions can you take today which will move you closer to your goals? Write them down. Success doesn’t just happen. It is the result of deliberate action. Many of us get distracted with task lists which may appear urgent but move us no further to our goal. Get clear on what you need to do each day to move closer to your target. Then take action, quickly. Don’t procrastinate, don’t get distracted. Focus on these important items first before everything else comes rushing in.

#7 Eat breakfast

I was never a fan of eating breakfast. I usually saw it as one additional thing to do in the morning. Going to work hungry causes you to be distracted and agitated. On the other hand, making a sustaining breakfast sets you up to tackle goals and maintain a clear mind. Make time to prepare a meal for yourself each morning.

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