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  • musin206

    What’s with the virulent anti-Obama ads – every single day?? I love keeping in touch with news from home, but seriously, these ads would make a non-Caribbean person wonder about a the credibility of a news source that has to depend on nutty right-wing ads to survive. Some of these ads would likely not meet the libel/slander bar that Caribbean papers have to adhere to (or the standards of basic ‘love thy neighbor’ decency for that matter)! I for one would be willing to pay a subscription, so come on Caribbean 360: start a donation/subscription service or something. We can oppose/support Obama’s policies AND keep Caribbean people informed without sacrificing our class!

    • Thanks for the feedback. We are moving in that direction very shortly!

  • Pael

    Great post

  • Pael

    Great post

  • koolkoolie


    Some keep saying that President is black.
    What racial group is his mother?
    Did his father support and help educate him?
    Do any one expect President Obama to get what he deserves from some European Americans?
    Are some Caribbean Africans racists especially Trinidad&Tobago.
    I would like to start from here and then indulge in serious dialogue based on historical facts and present day conclusions.