Counterfeit Cricket World Cup merchandise seized

ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada, January 31, 2007 – Earlier this month, Grenada Customs recorded the first seizure of counterfeit ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 merchandise and are currently handling the matter in accordance with Grenada law.

Giving details of the incident, ICC CWC 2007 Project Officer – Anti-Infringement Programme (AIP), Alanna Medford, explained that a shipment, containing 44 headrest covers for vehicles – and consigned to a St. George’s resident – was held by Grenada Customs authorities as they were being imported into the island from Brooklyn, New York.

The merchandise featured the words “World Cup Cricket 2007,” a depiction of the ICC Trophy and the Host Venue name “Grenada” as well as the country’s flag and national colours. Similar-type merchandise for other Host Venues was spotted by an Official CWC licensee who was in New York last month.

The goods were seized as they were in contravention of the ICC CWC WI 2007 Act as they ‘are goods to which CWC 2007 indicia and images are applied.’

“This is the first report we have received of persons trying to import unauthorised merchandise into the region. CWC would like to commend the Grenada Customs for their vigilance and encourages them to continue their good work,”  she said in a released issued by CWC 2007.

“CWC would also like to appeal to everyone in the Host Venues to report knowledge of any counterfeit merchandise to the relevant authorities and also not to purchase such merchandise. This is the Caribbean’s Event and residents of this region should want to support the tournament by buying Official merchandise which is of a significantly superior quality to counterfeit products,” said Medford, noting that Official merchandise is available at two locations in Grenada (see end of Press release for details).

Meanwhile, Grenada’s Comptroller of Customs, Carlyle Felix, said they are doing their “best to be as vigilant as possible to ensure that anything which is prohibited and restricted in any form does not pass through (Customs).”

In keeping with procedure, a seizure notice has been issued to the importer.

“He has one month, from the date of receiving the notice, to contest the seizure. If there is no objection from him, the shipment automatically becomes the property of the Government of Grenada,” elaborated Medford, an attorney-at-law.

CWC, she added, is “very pleased to witness Sunset Legislation at work” and will continue liaising with the relevant authorities in the Host Venues to maintain the Event’s integrity.

Official merchandise is available in Grenada at: Ganzee (Esplanade Mall, St. George’s) and The Gift Shop (The Carenage, St. George’s)