Simon A. Angoy: Machinations of the WICB have now ceased to be good theatre


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Simon A. Angoy

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Monday June 2, 2014 – I recently logged in to the West Indies Cricket Board web site to view its latest press release on the relocation from Guyana of the third West Indies / New Zealand cricket test match, scheduled for the period 26 to 30 June 2014.

The press release is instructive. It states in part:

“The West Indies Cricket Board today advised that following engagement with the Government of Guyana on matters pertaining to the Cricket Administration Bill in Guyana, the parties have not been able to find a mutually agreeable resolution.

The WICB has serious reservations that the Cricket Administration Bill which was passed in the Guyana National Assembly thrusts the administration of cricket in Guyana from an independent body to the Government of Guyana. This the WICB views as undesirable and inconsistent with International Cricket Council tenets”.

One is forced to ask the question: What is the independent body referred to in the press release? Is it he Guyana Cricket Board? If so, why is the WICB publicly championing the rights of the Guyana Cricket Board when on the 14th April 2014, a Guyana High Court Judge granted an order restraining the executive of the GCB from performing their functions and representing the WICB? The injunction was granted in response to an application from private parties to have the recent election of the GCB executive declared null and void. To the best of my knowledge, that injunction has never been vitiated.

Is the real issue not that the WICB now has no legitimate agent or affiliate to organize the Test match?
The WICB press release goes on to state:

“The WICB sought an undertaking from His Excellency President Donald Ramotar that the bill not be signed into law until these matters are resolved.

The Board gave its commitment that once His Excellency President Ramotar provided such an undertaking all arrangements in Guyana will be kept in place.

Regrettably the WICB has not received such an undertaking from His Excellency President Ramotar.
As a consequence the WICB is left with no option but to relocate the Third Test between West Indies and New Zealand from Guyana”.

What temerity on the part od the WICB! The fact of the matter is that the WICB may not like the Cricket Administration Bill, but political action was needed to change a system that has both ceased to advance the cause of Guyanese players; and represent the interests of the cricket fraternity in Guyana. Additionally, the bill was passed with wide bi-partisan support.

The WICB has the Patterson Report on governance and the Wilkins report gathering dust. What are you doing to restructure cricket in the West Indies? Absolutely nothing sirs! Have you abandoned the agenda of change that was the central theme of your election last year?

In its final paragraphs, the press release states:

“The WICB regrets having to take this course of action and seeks the understanding of cricket fans and stakeholders in Guyana.

The WICB will continue to review all matters pertaining to cricket in Guyana”.

The WICB once again shafts the cricket fraternity in Guyana and then appeals to them for understanding. This is the height of insensitivity!

The machinations of the WICB have now ceased to be good theatre. They have descended to the realm of irony and pathos.

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The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Simon Angoy.