4 Must-Try Foods And Drink During A Caribbean Christmas Holiday


BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Tuesday December 6, 2016 – Food is an important part of any celebration in the Caribbean and Christmas is no different. There are must-have dishes on any table at this time of year.

Visitors are welcomed with open arms to enjoy these Yuletide food traditions, and many restaurants and hotels will have West Indian Christmas recipes for you to experience.

Here are a few of them you shouldn’t miss out on.

Black cake


Black cake is one of those desserts you’ll find in just about every Caribbean home during the Christmas holiday.
Its rich desert’s dark colour and deep flavor come from rum-soaked fruit and burnt brown sugar or browning, a burnt-sugar essence. To make traditional black cake, currants, raisins and prunes are soaked in a mixture of rum and wine or cherry brandy for months before they are used in the cake. In addition to the rum-soaked fruit, rum is poured over the finished cake until thoroughly saturated.


sorrelSorrel is made from a flower that can be found throughout the Caribbean. The flower’s petals are placed in a pan with ginger, orange zest, and cloves and boiled to create a delicious drink. Various Caribbean islands have variations of this refreshing drink. It’s also available in a carbonated version.

Jug Jug

jug-jugJug Jug is a throwback to our Scottish heritage. Influenced by the Scottish dish haggis, it is made from green peas, guinea corn flour, herbs and salt meat.

Baked Ham

hamIn the Caribbean, it’s not Christmas without a big ham. Glazes are made with a variety of mouth watering ingredients including pineapple, ginger, honey, cinnamon, cloves, marmalade, and sugar. All of which can be sourced locally.

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