The Best Beaches In The Caribbean Are On This Small Island, According To Conde Nast Writer


Little Bay Beach in Anguilla in the West Indies. (Photo credit: Julien Capmeil)

THE VALLEY, Anguilla, Tuesday November 1, 2016
– Anguilla has, hands down, the finest beaches in the Caribbean, according to blogger Michelle Jana Chan on Condé Nast Traveller’s website.

From the best swimming at two-mile-long Rendezvous Bay to the perfect curve of Maundays Bay; the rollers, pelicans and beach bars of Meads (pronounced Maids) Bay, and remote Captain’s Bay, where dolphins play in the surf, the beaches are spectacular.

Here are some of her top picks:

MAUNDAYS BAY is small and perfect: a sweeping one-mile crescent.




MEADS BAY is wide and expansive with top hotels, villas and restaurants.



RENDEZVOUS BAY, my favourite, has laid-back bars and guesthouses facing the hills of St Martin.


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