Best (Most Affordable) Times To Travel to the Caribbean

MASSACHUSETTS, United States, Tuesday February 28, 2017 If the 2017 Hotel Pricing Report is anything to go by, then travelers could be getting a big discount on hotel prices in the Caribbean this year.

Online travel planning and booking company TripAdvisor announced the results of the report today, revealing global accommodation trends based on the website’s hotel shopping data. And it points to the Caribbean being a good idea for tourists right about now.

“TripAdvisor hotel shopping data reveals that some destinations offer significant hotel value this year compared to last, including the Caribbean where hotel prices are down eight percent, making it a perfect time for Americans to book a dream trip there,” it said.

Destination 2017 Avg. 
Nightly Rate on
YoY Price 
TripAdvisor Hotel 
Shopping Ranking
(out of 184 countries)
Turkey $109 -14% 26th
Taiwan $138 -12% 23rd
Belize $269 -9% 54th
Caribbean $442 -8% 3rd
Cambodia $122 -5% 46th
Sri Lanka $180 -5% 43rd
Costa Rica $298 -4% 31st
Vietnam $118 -4% 24th
Philippines $146 -3% 15th
United Arab Emirates $358 -3% 20th


The Hotel Pricing Report is designed to help travelers discover destinations that offer great year-over-year accommodation value, and highlights the most affordable months to stay at hotels in popular travel destinations worldwide.

It noted that travelers can find the best prices on hotels in the Caribbean from August through October, with nightly rates averaging as low as $301. Since that time is hurricane season, travelers were advised to watch the weather and consider purchasing travel insurance.

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