DOMINICA: Jungle Bays gives back to community

Delices, Dominica, June 19, 2006 – Employees of Jungle Bay, Dominica’s new adventure and wellness resort and spa, plan to launch the Caribbean tourism industry’s first employee funded community grant program. 

Jungle Bay officially opened in November 2005 offering guests a luxury outdoor adventure vacation experience that is linked to the ecology, culture and economy of its surrounding rural communities. The Jungle Bay concept has been quite successful resulting in a great first winter season for the employees, the majority of whom come from the surrounding villages/communities.  Recognizing the tangible benefits of sustainable tourism at its best, the employees of Jungle Bay decided to contribute a portion of their tips and gratuities towards a fund to undertake special projects and programs aimed at improving their communities. Jungle Bay Resort & Spa has agreed to show support and strengthen the initiative by matching its employee fund contributions. 

The first two grants will be presented at the inaugural “JUNGLE BAY Employee Community Grant” ceremony to be held on Thursday, June 22, 2006 at 3:00 PM at Jungle Bay Resort & Spa in Delices. 

The recipients of the first two grants in the amount of two thousand dollars each will be the HOUSE OF HOPE, a home for orphans in Delices and the Petite Savanne Village Council, to provide running water to an underserved area of that community with several elderly and indigent residents. Sam Raphael, Proprietor & General Manager of Jungle Bay Resort has expressed delighted with the initiative,  “…We are very proud of our employees. It’s the first of its kind in the Caribbean that I am aware of…It is wonderful when businesses give back to communities but it is even more meaningful when community members support themselves … tourism should be a tool to help improve surrounding communities. Our team is making this happen…we are extremely proud of our employees.”  

Jungle Bay Resort & Spa is a picturesque resort constructed entirely of volcanic stone and tropical hardwood painstakingly designed with minimal disturbance to the coastal forest trees and other natural features. The 55-acre resort is located along the rugged Atlantic coast. The accommodations consist of 35 luxurious hardwood cottages nestled between the rainforest canopy like birdhouses with rustic yet elegant furnishings, private balconies, semi-outdoor showers and more. Other amenities include large Yoga studios with polished wooden floors, a volcanic stone pool, a pavilion style restaurant featuring tasty, locally grown organic cuisine and fresh fruit juices and a health spa with massage studios that open to the roaring ocean. Jungle bay offers guests a range of activities such as hikes to waterfalls, mineral springs the famous boiling lake and other world class natural attractions, biking, ocean kayaking snorkeling etc. The property is becoming a favorite for independent travelers seeking a unique experience, honeymoons and escape weddings, yoga, corporate team building and other group retreats. For more information on Jungle Bay Resort visit

Jungle Bay supports several community based programs and initiatives aimed at improving the living standards of the people of its surrounding communities. One major Jungle Bay social program is A Carib Scholarship Fund, which currently pays the high school tuition for 216 Amerindian students from the island’s “Carib Territory”. The Employee Community Grant initiative is consistent with Jungle Bay’s socially responsible tourism philosophy.