How To Survive a Long Haul Flight to the Caribbean

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Tuesday June 19, 2018 – While the beauty of the Caribbean and the luxury of the holiday certainly makes the long haul flight worthwhile, isn’t the most enjoyable part of the holiday. Fortunately, Sandals has some tips that can make the hours spent crossing the Atlantic more enjoyable.

Dress appropriately

It’s important to dress appropriately for the flight, that means wearing clothes that you’re comfortable in and are warm enough. Don’t forget that while the Caribbean is hot, plane cabins can often be on the cooler side. You can always pack spare clothes in your carry on and change before arrival, so you can still be holiday ready for when you step off the flight.

Make the most of the inflight entertainment

Rather than stare at the flight map which will only make the seconds tick by slower, make sure to check out the inflight entertainment. By the time you’ve watched a few movies or TV episodes, the majority of the flight will have passed.

Bring your own entertainment

Of course you can also bring your own entertainment on flight to keep you occupied and switch things up if you don’t fancy back-to-back movies. Whether it’s your phone loaded with music, something to read, or a crossword puzzle book, bring whatever is likely to keep you hooked for a few hours.

Consider an upgrade

It could be worth upgrading to another class to make your flight more comfortable. Treat yourself to extra legroom, a more comfortable seat and lot of other bonuses which will make the flight much more enjoyable. Treat yourself so that luxury can start the moment you reach the airport.

Remember to Move Around

If you spend the whole flight sitting down you’re bound to get fidgety, not to mention it’s not great for your circulation. Try and get up and talk a little walk when you can, even if it’s just too and from the toilet!

Try and Sleep

One of the best ways to pass the time is just to try and sleep through it, although sometimes that is easier said than done! If you’re among the many that struggle to sleep on flights, make things a little easier for yourself and bring on board a couple of essentials such as neck pillow, earbuds, and an eye mask which should make nodding off a little easier.

Pack Your Carry On Well

A reiteration of some of the points above, but a well packed carry on can make for a much smoother flight. Consider packing a change of clothes for your arrival, something to keep you occupied during the flight, and anything that will help you sleep or more comfortable. It could also be worth packing some snacks in case you get peckish in between the in-flight food, and if you’re into your skincare some moisturizer and lip balm to battle the drying conditions in the cabin.

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