LIAT chairman says airline to establish technical working committee

liat_airline_400x235_550549144ST. JOHN’S, Antigua, Friday May 30, 2014, CMC – Chairman of the regional Airline LIAT, Dr. Ralph Gonzalves said a technical committee is to be established between management and workers to oversee the smooth and improved daily operations of the company.

He said the decision was made at a meeting earlier this week between the chairman of the shareholders committee and chairman of the board of directors, the new chief executive officer and the unions representing the workers across the region.

The basis of the meeting was to review an eight-paged document submitted by the unions representing workers, analyzing the failings of the company and providing recommendations for urgent measures to stem the downward spiral of the regional airline.

The document was submitted to the LIAT Chairman in February of this year.

Gonsalves told CMC that during the meeting “some decisions which had been taken hitherto for partnership, working cooperation, have been sharpened – given greater focus.”

He also said new LIAT CEO David Evans presented a broad overview of his vision and “strategic frame” for the airline’s future which he plans to make available in detail to all LIAT stakeholders including workers.

Gonzalves said there was also a suggestion from the CEO for similar quarterly consultative meetings between the stakeholders in order to have buy-in to plans and projections for the future of the airline.

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