Puerto Rico’s commitment to sustainable tourism lauded

by Bevan Springer

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, April 30, 2007 – “Puerto Rico is the perfect location for next month’s Caribbean Media Exchange on Sustainable Tourism (CMEx) because its leadership so closely aligns with our social and philanthropic mission,” said Lelei LeLaulu, president of Counterpart International which organizes the events.

“It is wonderful to see how Puerto Rico under the inspired guidance of Terestella González Denton (Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company) and her team are fully committed to helping the Caribbean and international media to understand more deeply the relationship between sustainable tourism and the development of healthier and wealthier communities,” he added.
González Denton welcomed the Caribbean Media Exchange back to her island (May 17-20, 2007) for the second time in just over a year and asserted: “We strive to lead by example in sustainable tourism development and we know we can only be successful if we also play a part by actively providing comprehensive information about sustainable tourism initiatives and the importance of safeguarding the environment and enriching our communities.”

She added that “communication is the basis for life and by keeping the media, and thus the public, fully informed and providing opportunities for public and private sector involvement in these initiatives, we all gain a better understanding of the value of tourism for everyone.”

Declaring Puerto Rico was “proud to host media exchanges like this that allow us to take part in CMEx’s work,” she went on to say, “sustainability is particularly important as the industry grows and we work to attract tourism to the various regions of our island and the various islands of our region. We must protect and maintain those things that make Puerto Rico and the Caribbean special – our history, our culture, our natural resources and the health and welfare of our people.”

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