This Resort Is Giving Visitors A Heaping Serving Of St Lucian Creole


CASTRIES, St. Lucia, Tuesday November 1, 2016 – Glorious weather. Good company. Delectable Creole food. These are just some of the ingredients that contribute to a vibrant holiday in sunny St Lucia, during the month of October, designated as Creole Heritage Month.

There is no doubt that Kwéyòl is alive and well in St Lucia. This is manifested throughout the length and breadth of the island as language and adventure come together in a true expression of art.

Kwéyòl is a language which has its origins in French and West African languages. French is reflected in the vocabulary, while the African is reflected in the grammar. It was created by Africans who were brought to Caribbean to work on the plantations as slaves during the 17th and 18th centuries. In days gone by, the language was called patois, but today it is more commonly called Kwéyòl, the internationally accepted term for the language.

Watch below for a taste of the huge serving of Creole that Sandals Regency Golf Resort and Spa is serving guests in this Creole Heritage Month.

En Sent Lisi Kwéyòl la ka bwiyé! (The Creole is cooking in St Lucia!)


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