Underwater Lovers Have A New Festival to Explore in Grenada

Diving at Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park


ST GEORGE’S, Grenada, Friday June 16, 2017 — Preparations are underway for the first ever Dive Fest in Grenada later this year

During the October 11 to 14 event, which is being planned by the Grenada Scuba Diving Association, dive shops in Grenada and Carriacou will put on a number of activities that will embrace divers of all skill levels.

The inaugural Dive Fest begins with a short ceremony at the Coconut Beach Restaurant, which will feature the launch of an underwater photography competition. Entries will be invited for the most creative selfie, best wreck image and best reef image.

On October 12, it will be all about diving! In the morning, beginners will get their feet wet with pool diving before they venture out for beach diving in the afternoon. On the same day, more experienced divers will go wreck diving.

October 13 will be Environment Day. In the morning, dive shops in Grenada and Carriacou will send representatives to schools in an island wide outreach effort to speak to students on the importance of our marine environment and keeping it clean and safe. The day will also feature all day Marine Park Diving at the Molinere/ Beausejour Marine Protected Area (MPA) in Grenada and Sandy Island/Oyster Bed MPA in Carriacou. Later that day, there will be a “Dive Against Debris” cleanup drive under the Project Aware Charity for Ocean Conservation. These dives will take place in different locations around Grenada and Carriacou.

The final day, October 14, is dubbed Lionfish Day, and dive boats will parade from Morne Rouge Bay to go hunting for the invasive Caribbean Lionfish. These tasty fish will then be prepared at the Coconut Beach Restaurant for the enjoyment of patrons.

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