7 Popular Sports to Enjoy in The Caribbean

cricket on the beach

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Tuesday August 9, 2016 – Everyone thinks of the Caribbean as sun, sea and sand, but there’s a lot more to the tropics. Take sports, which are popular with visitors.

Here are 7 options to get you up off your beach blanket, whatever island you’re in:

  1. Go watch cricket.
    Yes, to many Americans, cricket seems impossibly boring; after all, a Test match can last 5 days without a result. But sit back and you’ll notice a dozen finely-nuanced things going on; these details are what make the game so fascinating. From May through December, there are hundreds of matches being played all over the region. Still need that adrenaline rush? Nowadays, there are also shorter, fast-paced versions of the sport which resemble, gasp, baseball.
  2. Play a round of golf.

    You’ll have a choice of several courses in every island, both public and private. Constant Spring in Kingston, Durants in Barbados, Moka in Trinidad are just three to mention. Many of the views are simply amazing, and it’s a lovely way to spend a lazy afternoon. So get out and swing!
  3. Go to the horse races.
    On many Saturday afternoons, there are colourful race meetings at racecourses with picturesque names. Betting is controlled and honest. Go for the people, the friends and lay a bet or two; you’ll have the time of your life.
  4. Go to Polo!
    If you want something different, go to a polo match in the winter; many visiting teams come to the region with their ponies, and the standard of play is very high (you may even see some Royalty: Prince Harry has been several times). But polo is more than horses and chukkas; the scene is very welcoming, the champagne is bubbly and the folks are friendly.
  5. Sailing, naturally.
    sailing grenadines
    The islands are surrounded by water, so sailing is an obvious pastime for many. Find a friend, rent a boat, or whatever. But do get out onto the gentle and beautiful Caribbean Sea for some sun, cool breeze in your hair and sheer enjoyment all round.
  6. Diving and snorkelling are other water sports you shouldn’t miss.
    sailing grenadines
    In all the islands, PADI-approved dive shops will take you snorkelling or even deep-diving with tanks. It’s the best way to enjoy our coral reefs – up close and personal.
  7. Surfing and Windsurfing.
    You can pick your spots all over each island; and rent your gear if you need. Stand up paddling is also huge across the region.

The Caribbean serves up beautiful weather all year round. It’s great for relaxing and fantastic for sports. So when you’ve had quite enough relaxation, get up off your beach blanket and have some outdoors sports fun!

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