Guyana Not Bothered by Venezuela’s Move to Remap Country to Include CARICOM Nation’s Territory

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Monday January 14, 2019 – Guyana has nothing to worry about. That’s the firm declaration of Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Greenidge in response to announcements by Venezuela that it will be remapping to show ownership of lands and maritime boundaries owned by Guyana.

He says while Venezuela or anyone else can create and produce maps, any move to own Guyana’s natural reserves will be deemed illegal and will not be recognized.

“You cannot change a map showing your boundaries then try to convince the rest of the world that those boundaries are legally sanctioned,” Greenidge said.

He explained that for “remapping” to be recognized, all parties involved would have to agree, and that would not be considered by Guyana.

“No new boundaries for Guyana or Venezuela have been legally sanctioned,” the Foreign Affairs Minister emphasized, adding that government is observing Venezuela’s actions and rhetoric but is not worried.

Greenidge said government is also pleased with the progress of its case before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and anticipates the reaffirmation of the validity of the 1899 Arbitral Award.

A year ago, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres recommended that the century-long border dispute be referred to the ICJ, after no significant progress was made towards arriving at a full agreement for the resolution of the dispute.

Guyana initiated a case but Venezuela said it would not participate in the procedure “since the court manifestly lacks jurisdiction over an action unilaterally proposed by the neighbouring country, which does not have the consent of Venezuela”.

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