Peter Binose: Freedom of speech according to?


Anesia O. Baptiste-Richardson (Credit: YouTube/Anesia O. Baptiste-Richardson)

Peter Binose

KINGSTOWN, St Vincent, Tuesday June 24, 2014 – Freedom of speech is one of the God given attributes according to Anesia O. Baptiste-Richardson, leader of the Democratic Republican Party, and I am sure most of us believe that.

Anesia O. Baptiste-Richards is an Associate Director of the Thusian Institute for Religious Liberty [TIRL], she is also Founder & Leader of the Democratic Republican Party [DRP] a new political party.

Mrs Richardson follows the faith of the Thusian religious movement, and she tells us freedom of speech is a God given right, she hammers that home at every opportunity.

But having had some contact with her via the internet, emails and social media sites, that may not be exactly what she means.

What I have discovered is this. You have a God given right to freedom of speech as long as it is approved by her and as long as it is according to her policies and beliefs. If you criticise her or any of her policies or beliefs, she will tell you that you are evil and threaten to set God on you.

It appears that according to her, God is only on her side, you stand to meet the wrath of God if she should ask such of him. In fact I am sure she believes she doesn’t even have to ask, God is at her side and will smite you down.

Now what kind of religion is that, what kind of politics is that. Because regardless of what she says she cannot untangle her politics from her religion. I have accused her of being dangerous and to have the makings of a tyrant.

You may feel that is a little harsh, but is it? We have seen what political leaders with strong beliefs can do, just look at St Vincent and the Grenadines prime minister Gonsalves and his Scientific Socialism [SS], which in plain English means communism. I believe to him SS is a religion and he uses it as a control which I have often described as Marxism.

“If you are a Christian and believe in the Bible you cannot accept other religions as genuine”. Thus sayeth the leader of the Trinidad Thusian Seventh Day Adventists. So here we have it, unmasked religious bigotry, meted out to all non-Christians.

So how should we see Anesia, who attacks with a whole lot of venom anyone who does not agree with her. Will she eventually become spiteful, vengeful, malicious and hateful, or is she already all of that? Should we take that chance when considering her as a politician, when considering her for the office of prime minister, or even just as a member of parliament?

As religion is damaged when mixed with politics, politics is damaged when mixed with religion. A true democracy can only thrive when people are confident to express their opinions freely and debate, but in a theocracy one politician can assert their view to be divine, and all dissent to be sin. I believe that is the danger of selecting Anesia O. Baptiste-Richardson as a politician.

Whatever the tactical consequences may be in the short-term politically, the intertwining of any religion and partisan politics has longer-term implications as well. When the otherwise prophetic voice of religion is reduced to partisanship, it impoverishes the politics of any country. Mixing God and politics may well turn out to be bad for both.

Written without spite, hate or malice by Peter Binose, who is neither a religious leader, a politician or lawyer.

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The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Peter Binose. Peter Binose,self appointed keeper of the bugle, thrown the whistle away.